Alone Not Lonely

Wed, 01/22/2014 - 21:14 -- Treee


Aching to be heard



Why won’t you listen

I’m crying out but no one seems to hear me

The people who are supposed to love me unconditionally

Don’t even notice me

And I’m crying out

But no one seems to understand that I am hurting

My voice is a dog whistle

Still, I’m foolishly waiting on someone to react

I need your attention

Yet no one seems to listen

Unless a pen is in my hand

A paper on the desk

They don’t seem to care

Now my words are silently screaming on the paper

And you hear every syllable

You react to every word

You criticize every grammatical error

I’m sorry I’m not perfect

But my words are important

Immediately they stop judging me

The friends making plans without me

Now are listening intently

I am not good enough to be in my family’s presence

However, you applaud when this poem ends

Why do I have to write for you to hear me

When I am yelling in your face

I don’t exist

But when my words are on a paper

My poetry is rock music lyrics

Blasting in your ears like thunder

Suddenly, my opinion matters to you people

Now, you all care

But, it’s too late I learned how to manage on my own

Before I was lonely

Currently, I’m happy

Even though I’m alone


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