Tue, 08/27/2013 - 15:18 -- jenni

Sadness took over my body,

Seeping down into my bones, 

I spent nights uncontrollably sobbing,

Feeling completely alone. 

The sadness overpowered me, 

To the point where I couldn't leave my bed, 

I couldn't do anything, 

I just wanted to be dead. 

Depression brought its friends too, 

Anorexia and self harm, 

It made me want to starve myself,

And draw pictures on my arm.

They didn't come alone though,

Anxiety came as well,

It decided to join the party, 

And make my life hell. 

Simple things were hard for me, 

Like talking on the phone, 

Being happy was tough, 

And I never left my home.

My weight dropped low, 

I was refusing to eat, 

I ate the smallest amounts at supper, 

And never touched a sweet. 

My body became my canvas, 

Holding all my blades' designs,

They were all made with blood,

And left little red lines.

My stomach always felt queasy

Due to my frightening mind, 

Thinking of every possible thing that could go wrong, 

Anything I could find. 

I just wanted it to stop, 

I couldn't take it much longer, 

And as I kept fighting my demons, 

I started to get stronger. 


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