The computer screen glows

its haunting frame displays the

friendships building and forming

as people grow in their selves


broken bonds are created

that the rainfall seem to echo

they have each other for comfort


the chill of the season makes my

toes retreat to the blankets,

trying to be enveloped to escape the cold


Alone within the confines of these four walls

isolated from  gloomy day outside

but hidden away from those around


The icy air races up my sleeves

encapturing my body with its frozen



the lighted screen on my face

highlights the desire to scream

overtaking my figure


to break the silence around me

to produce the heat of my breath

to warmly crack through the air


instead I hold my breath

what use is there in screaming

in the isolated cold?


Alone. Alone. A simple word-

but it’s weight lays heavy in my head

making the sorrow shoot

deeper than the gelid climate.


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