Boom! Slap! Boom! Slap!
The noise I hear every night,
The permanent sound programmed in my mind,
it won't go away!
 "Stop! Leave me alone! Be quiet!!" 
I cry but no one hears, 
no one cares, 
or no one notices. 
No one notice the tears that fill my eyes each night, 
the bruised heart, 
nor the frustration and confusion that runs throughout my entire body.
 I need help, I struggle.
 I help others, I'm unappreciated.
 I forgive, they forget, they forget me completely. 
No one is there. 
I'm cold, I'm alone. 
I'm hurting, I'm alone.
 I'm crying, I'm alone. 
I seek for help, I'm alone.
Time passes, the minutes turns into hours, 
hours into days, 
days into weeks, 
weeks into months, 
and the months turn into the years. 
The years of me being alone, scared, hurt, confused, and frustrated finally fades away...
Or does it?
 No. It doesn't it resurfaces onto a man, he becomes weak and alone. 
No one is there. 
He's cold, he's alone. 
He's hurting, he's alone. 
He's crying, he's alone. 
He seeks for help, he's alone. 
Boom! Slap! Boom! Slap! 
There goes the noise again piercing his ears every day and night. 
The cries for help, he heard them but ignored them.
 Now that he screams and whimpers like a little child, no one listens, no one even cares. 
His loneliness, fears, pain, and frustrations soon will fade also, but no one will be there. 
He turned his back and there's no way of him changing that now. 
Time passes, the minutes turns into hours, 
hours into days,
 days into weeks, 
weeks into months, 
and the months turn into the years. 
But this time the cycle is over, the man is gone.
 No one cared, 
no one was there, 
no one listened. 
Boom! Slap! Boom! Slap! 
The noise will forever live, but the man will not. 
The pain he caused will live but the pain he received will not. 
 He wanted, but didn't receive. 
The noises I wanted to stop,
 but didn't stop until he stopped and even then I will forever endure the pain,
 the pain of being alone.
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I love this poem <3. All people are alone, we're all living in our own personal 'dreams.' No one can hear our thoughts other than ourselves. Every decision someone makes is due every past moment they've had. We all react differently & no one has the same moments.. ever. I don't know where this is going, only that I guess animals are better friends than people. Nature is beautiful & it loves you. When you breathe, feel how the air hugs your lungs. That's love... somehow we are all alone in thought, but yet all together at heart. You deserve to be appriciated, noticed, and loved. When people fail, know that nature is always there, everywhere. When you see with eyes of love, you can see love everwhere you go. See it vibrating off the trees, shining from an animals eye, in the breeze of the wind. Good Luck, may every day have beautiful moments, never forget to look at the big picture. Anything is possible, so rise above all the negativity with love for life. You can do anything, there is much unjust in this world, and with all your passion- you could make some serious changes!

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