Mon, 06/16/2014 - 22:20 -- cavon
Head down on her desk
She tries her best but she always gets pushed to the edge
Sleepless nights control her life
Staying up because the insomnia is too hard to fight
Her troubles drift away on thoughts but return too soon when reality hits
Eyes closed to escape..
She avoids the faces that constantly hurt her..
The eyes that burst open every wound with one glance
She can close her eyes all she wants but she can never ease the pain
The scars will always be there
Healed but never erased
Hair over her face to shield her from the world
To hide her and give her shelter
Deep breaths that move her body in rhythmic motions
Calming her for the few seconds they last
Smoothing out the deep impulses to give up
To let it all go
To ease the pain
To escape
The rhythmic breaths are the closet she gets to freedom
Drifting off into sleep
She dreams of a better life
Where her scars are only from falling off her bike and not from abuse
Where her tears are from laughing too hard instead of pain
Where her exhaustion is from a long day at the park instead of sleepless nights
Head down on her desk she shields herself from the world
Eyes closed to escape reality
Scars showing her pain
Rhythmic breathes calming her thoughts
Hand out..
Reaching for hope..
For a friend..
For love


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