The Almighty Big Brother

Big Brother is watching,

He never leaves me alone,

He always yells and shouts,

He throws temper tantrums almost every day,

It is always best not to get in his way,

Big brother critiques everything i do,

He's never satisfied no matter what you do,

"Be like me," he says.

"I am all knowing," he claims.

"Are you stupid?", he exclaims.

His power is to make you feel worthless and alone,

And once he sees how alone you are, he'll make sure he's never home,

He's a roid rager, and a bully but worst of all he's a big business employee,

He gets away with because he's super smart,

Because of this he can't be touched,

But if his bosses saw how he was at home they'd probably fire him on the spot.

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My family
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