Alligator Skin

Wed, 02/10/2021 - 01:59 -- KhaiK

alligator skin

running marathons up and down my limbs

making it obvious I don’t belong.


climbing my arms and shoulders

to mark up my cheeks and chin,

descending to my fingers and toes

reminding me to stay in the closet with the clothes


next to the alligator skin is a fly.

that fucking fly that tails me whispering,

everyone is watching 


making the anxiety (I didn’t know I had),

boil over,

constructing anger.

enflaming anger so infuriating 

that the only thing I know to do, 

is cry.


hopefully one of the falling tears 

collides with that fucking fly

and kills it

but probably not.

I’m being too hopeful. I totally forgot 

that the alligator skin

alongside that fly

are always going to win

probably leading me to die.


alligator skin and stupid fly

I hope you fucking die,

leaving me to bask

in the things that I think are wrong.

I know what’s wrong, 

I don’t need a reminder

I’ll work it out.

so for now fuck off 

so I can clear my head

and get myself together again.


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