The Alley Way

I’m walking down a long alley, it’s dark and cold, I shiver as I’m only in my scrunched up lace dress, the night is dark as deathly Grimm and I can’t help but let out a squeal of pain as the freezing breeze hit my body, it felt as knives were being stabbed into my back, I’m scared. Petrified even. The fear in which travels through my veins, the danger the adrenaline rushes through me, I want the ground to swallow me whole as I no longer want this life, this dark alley gives me the skeevies, yes a child-like thing to say, I can’t comprehend this.i walk and walk and walk I find myself walking more and more. I sit for a couple minutes, screeching for help as there is no escape I’m trapped and scared, holy father... judge my sins, end me now. 


I continue to walk, Ah hah! An opening... a single street light, blinkering at me in mockery... I go up and kick it, silly silly girl! My foot is bleeding, it stings. But I enjoy it.


I began walking down the same route and I heard a screech coming from behind, I twist and turn in sheer fear, oh mother why-did you oh-so send me out? It hurts my heart. But nothing matches the pain on my side as the wind screams against me.


Soon my legs freeze, they feel numb, they’ve given out on me. I’m on the cold soaked path in this drenched alley way, I miss her, I miss her and she’s gone, she’s left me in this long alley way that’s filled with dark.


Ive always said I was scared of the dark, but as I’ve grown I came to realisation, I was just scared on what was filled within the darkness.


I’m trapped in this dark alley with no one to save me as I’m a walking sub, holy father help me from this dark alley, I’m now scared.


I’m terrified of the truth that lies below, oh-so scary this is terrific 

I cannot breathe oh holy father, I’m a walking FUCKING MESS!!!! 







FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK...! Fuck... just-...turn off the tv... I can’t watch myself through this misery any longer, I’m dying... just stop everything 


I hate this stupid alley way


This is worthless! Then I see it, a dimmer mirror on my mistakes and Realise I am, the mistake, worthless and uncommon human,


I was careless, I walked with my hands in my pockets whilst walking down stairs, but now. I clench the handle for dearly life, I won’t fall any longer, I have come one with this alley way


No longer


No more resentment 


No more anything


This alley way is all I have... everyone else has left and it seems this endless tunnel will never leave me... 

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