"All the World's a Yoga Studio"

All the word’s a yoga studio,

And all the men and women are yogis.

They lay out their mats, unfolding their journeys ahead.

Beginning with Sun Salutation and ending in Shavasana.


First they are a curious new comer,                                                  5

Taking their first tentative steps onto their mats

And into their spiritual journey.


Second, the nervous and clumsy beginner.

Discovering how their body moves,

Looking like a stumbling fawn.                                                        10


Next comes the style-seeker.

Testing Vinyasa, Hatha, Bikram, and more.

Establishing an identity and base.


Then they become the eager Asana striver.

Willing to try and take on any Asana,                                             15

Strengthening the body through Chaturanga and Warrior.

Gaining confidence and grace like a dancer on stage.


Then comes the breather and connector.

Learning to align the breathe, mind, and body as one.

Understanding the powerful connection within the body,               20

Stronger and more serene while aligning the Chakras.


Next, the religious practicer arises.

Stepping onto the mat becomes an everyday ritual.

Feeling like a bird in flight, alive, well, and weightless.


Last, the lifestyle yoga guru takes form.                                           25

Yoga is a complete lifestyle to this yogi.

The mind-body connection is ever-present in all aspects of life.

The mat becomes home, the final resting place, Savasana.


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