All we have is hope, that we all Stay Woke.

We feel pain communally.

We cannot process it in our heads as a shared heart,

But that is why we let the movements vibrate.

Denying divides unity.


We were the ones you sent to the fires, coming back as raging rhymers.

We are the souls you let die with only your labels on our minds.

We have been fighting to be in this country since it was established.

Entranced with equality and the promises of old timers.


How can we be free when wealth is stripped and judged?

How can we be just when only taught to hate?


Songbirds killed by invasive species are our voices.

Born and raised here in the USA

Where everything exoitic is welcomed,

But refugees and the destitute are not feasible choices.


These tormented souls rejected from the land,

Propagate again looking to fix the same wrong.

The deep-rooted racism and sexism of this nation

Have us all singing the same song, “We cannot be banned”.


When all are equal, we will be just and free.

When all are equal, we will be great.


You must have money to enter, and even more if they decide you must leave.

Throw you back to a country unfamiliar, bomb damaged or worsened.

Blowback is nonexistent and inconsequential to any war loving tyrant.

The system may always be your tormentor, but in your spirit you must believe.


We are a diverse melting pot, yet our representatives are not.

Rise up hurt and discouraged family of many colors.

Take over this nation and represent it as no white man can.

We can make a middle ground, with the corrupt caught.


We possess our gods, that will guide us through bleak odds.

We possess the power, and must no longer cower.


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