To all those who think they know me...

To all those who think they know me…

I’m not tough; I cry in my sleep.

I’m not shy; I don’t know when to speak.

I’m not cool; it’s all an act to fit in.

I’m not a hood; I’ve been blinded by sin.

I’m not an ark geek; my visions run deep.

I’m not a jock; I run to be free.

I’m not a nerd; I use what I know.

I’m not a plastic; the make-up’s for show.

I’m not an emo; my feelings are strong

I’m not a loner; I just can’t get along.

I’m not a joker; I just want to be seen.

I’m not a hipster; I just hate the machine.

I’m not a band geek; I just like to play.

I’m not a slut; I get attention this way.

I’m not a label is what I mean.

Just because you’ve met me doesn’t mean you know a thing.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world



Agreed. Beautifully done.

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