All The Same

Never slander the beliefs of another

Open your mind to the wonders of your brother.

Fight for the revolution 

Reaching to the minds of everyone claiming to be human.

Equality for every muzzled mortal

Ending only when we leap this near sighted hurdle.

Drench your views in the blood of

Ostracized doves

Mutilated to appear and perform

Uncaring and in the ‘norm’.

Nuclear families believe

This idea of positive reprieve

If only you change the way you behave

Lustily then you will never crave

Worthless individuality,

Even though sin is not born from personality.

A new era must being in order to end

Righteous man’s trend.

Evoking a cultural rebellion

Everywhere and pulling off the labeled blinds of our opposition

Queer, evil, and unrefined.

Until all you leave behind

At the end is a message

Labeled hate no one simple for their essence. 


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