all the moving parts

departing. the unparting.

if parts become a whole,

when parted, a departure returns you back to self.

the whole we both began as before


partly me, partly you, mainly 


we became and will continue to be.

little moments of before and in the instance of now

(causing the marriage of my pen and this paper)

These seeds

you and I will sow, nurture, and water

over the approaching and ever-nowness of this        specific        departure.

Your tanned knees a pendulum

as they sway left 

                and right lulling me into calmness,

reminding me that what goes up


                                come        down

so innocuous that even I know this is a moment that noneotherwise would require a 

fancy frame. the same knees that so perfectly cup the hinds of my legs, entangled

amongst the sheets, held

so close                           in your arms.

Although you cannot will the winds in the sky to hasten a tornado the

de-struction is inevitable. and necessary. for change. 

I cannot--will not-- rush our season, our time, our This. this bond so deep

        that it scares me just as much, just as far as it pulls me in

Emotional deconstruction.

bulldoze whatever was real before you and make room for all the greatness

                                                our wonder can be.

Both as whole individuals, and part of the whole that is our love. 

How remarkable to find you here. How lovely to dive deeply, oh so willingly into your

warm waters. How far will you let me love you?

                                                                                How close is too far? 


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