All Mexicans play soccer


I went to walmart once in the afternoon,

I saw “Juan” in the sports aisle looking at soccer balls

I knew “Juan” had to play soccer

Born in Mexico, and raised in America

He had the skin tone, and a sister named Erika

I know all Mexicans play soccer, so I assumed Juan did too

I never did understand why all mexicans played soccer,

I guess its the same as Ronald Reagan being a good talker

but why is it that this stereotype exists

are we just looking for a way to put the earth in a twist

is it that we just wish to follow status quo

forgetting that everyone is their own human being,

we forget that as humans we are entitled to be what we wish

our personalized opinions, and our personalized character,

personalization is what makes us who we are

not our race nor our place of origin,

but what's inside our hearts.

and as Juan left the sports aisle I thought he would grab a soccer ball

but to my surprise As he left he took a football

and I was the one to grab the soccer ball



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