All This Love


United States

Boy, I'll tell you..
I've been through every male species on Earth.
Nerds, jocks, class clowns, skaters, preps, the list goes on.
The only truth I found in all of these men
is that none of them could give me the full potential of my worth.
You see, I wanted someone who kissed my stretch marks;
someone who knew the stories behind my scars;
someone who wouldn't pretend that having stomach rolls when I sat down wasn't bizarre.
I wanted someone who was equally imperfect.
Someone who could convince me that every heartbreak was worth it;
someone who would never leave me feeling uncertain.

So, I started using a different lotion, shopping at Forever 21, and I even started to floss.
To a man I was nothing more than revealing cleavage, curled hair and cherry lip gloss.
I searched high and low for someone to understand,
It took me years to realize that the love I was looking for could not be received from a man.

I'll tell you..
There is nothing like loving someone who not only accepts you, but appreciates your flaws. 
Constantly and consistently gives you their all. 
Having someone who makes you want to change into the person that you want to be.
It took all my courage to see that this love could only be attainable 
​if I am the one giving this love to me.



Beautiful poem! :) The message is powerful and real. 

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