All That is Living

O Here rises the morning sun!
The grass sprouts for the sunrise;
The trees dance as the wind howls;
Primroses and Cowslips bloom with joy.


The sparrows fly with grace, they chirp with glee.
Fowls walk through the fields with bliss;
Eagles fly with majesty and courage;
The cranes and herons wade through the rivers,
They flew along with eagles as they stopped wading.


All the creatures with cold blood wake by the bird's chirps;
The frogs and toads croak for the morning insects.
The crocodiles and alligators gape their mouths as they wake;
Plover birds aid them by picking their sharp teeth.
The snakes slither out of the shadows and into the fields;
Lizards crawl to the light of the day for the bugs that crawl.



Look here at the fields of every deer, rabbit, or antelope,
They prance and hop for the Primroses and Cowslips to graze;
Their mates come to nuzzle the bucks, comforting them.


Every wolf, panther, or fox come to feast on their flesh;
They hunt the antelope and deer with dignity, pride, and grace;

The weasels slink to capture the rabbits to satisfy their hunger.


Here come the mighty creatures, the feared and respected;
All the small creatures stay off the path of the hungry bear,
The bear eats the primroses and the meat of the deer.
Every buck honours the Elephant, Lion, and Tiger,
For they are the Lords of the Forest;
The wolves and panthers beware of the angry cattle.


When the sun becomes more luminous,
The lions and tigers roar with pride;
The elephants trumpet with joy and praise;
The birds chirp and screech with delight.
Be gentle, humble, and kind,
They are all that is living.


~ Malcolm White


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