All I Need is Love

In the world of many turrents of agony, there are few things to keep one satisfied for very long.

But, I'd like to think that love will stand the test of time,

The only thing I direly need, is the idea of love.

Love leads to passion, passion leads to motivation, motivation to  determination, determination to education, education to work, and work to fix.

Love sends fireworks through ones body as though they are being electricuted into something no one really knows, but everyone feels.

How do you fix a broken heart? Love

How do you fix a broken child? Love

How do you fix a broken home? Love

How do you fix a broken past? Love

Love is the chemical building block for all human creation.

Love is motivation so therefore it is power.

That power is how to fix a broken world.

All that it starts with, is a little love.

And I'm not the only one who needs love,

Everyone does.


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