All I Need

   Not knowing what lies behind the secluded, shadowy, silence

The lights chased each other across the walls,

Creating a colossus of fear, I held on to from within because

All I needed was the cold air resting me to sleep.


   I acted as a young child because that is what I was supposed to do.

I held back dreams, grew shy, building anger because

All I needed was someone to tell me everything was going to be all right.


   I grew into a gated passageway

Killing those who dares to come close,

Killing those who dares to see another side of me full of emotion because,

All I really want is to be seen as someone strong, never weak, but

All I really need is someone to challenge me to become a better person, to trust more, and worry less.


   I grew more into a gated passageway leading to a small hut covered in tight vines because

I am forever alone and feel I do not need anyone.

My anger grew towards the false lies behind the red, white, and blue that claims justice for all but

All I really need is to see my family dying of natural causes and not the injustice system.


   I need the confidence I lost at a young age

I need to get rid of the insecurities of becoming a failure at life

I need to get my life on a successful path because,

All I really need is the smile of my mother and her soft voice saying,” I am proud of you.” 

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