All I Need

Mon, 03/14/2016 - 12:06 -- taissja

All I need in life is all that I am, I will travel with my memories alone,

I don’t need luxuries, I need no celebrities.

I will travel with just my memories, and the one I love,

the one I hold dearest, but it will not be my dearest mother,

nor my lover, I will travel with my friend alone.

We will find an island together and call it home.

Desolate but never truly alone.

My closest companion and I

like Bonnie and Clyde.

running our own utopia, with

a lack of greed and copia.

No war or hatred just friendship.

The two of us with nature.

Talking and cheering on each other.

Our own buddy system.

Our own way of life without strife, just humor.

We will recreate our own Byzantium,

beautiful and filled with our own culture.

To start we will create art.

We will let go of the past and surf the waves of the future,

I can’t live without her.

My best friend will paint the last wave fast,

sweeping away the old fads today.

I will draw the crashing waves upon our sands,

bringing new fortunes in our hands.

In our our new world, our Byzantium

we will not repeat the mistakes, of past world leaders

past Nazi Fuhrer's NO!

We will keep it clean, and never be obscene.

We will instill ideals of unity,

no more segregation because you and I

are from separate nations.

Now that we have established our,

two man nation of unification,

and our natural place in time

nor ahead or behind.

Now we must establish our line

our legacy. How will they remember me?

Will my memory be of our craft

beautiful Byzantium at last.

Our architecture will be a symbol of our Byzantine culture.

Statues that will never falter

Bridges that will never burn

we will be stuck together like

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern.


This poem is about: 
My family



I’m stranded on this island.I hear the waves as i’m finding a place to hide in.My music will be the adventure in my long journey,Wandering through the softest sand, I am learning.All I need is the sound of the music to guide me,As I am searching to find happiness in this lonely sea.    


thank you im glad you feel like you can relate to my poem and i agree with you we are all trying to find our happiness i just hope your actually on the "island" and not drifting in a lonely sea. dont get lost by the way im not stranded on that island i chose to be there but as long as you enjoy your island thats all that matters.


I love this! It's very clever in the way that you entwined your cultures and comparisons.


Very insightful. Unique. Like it.


I love it! I like all the references you made, it's obvious you put a lot of thought into it. It's beautifully written, and easy to connect to!


Really dig this. There's something really heartfelt to it

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