All I ask

Dear God

I know this is alot to ask

I realize the universe you bear

Of the multitudes clamouring your name

Begging for the same solace I am about to beseech

Hanging, high, out of my reach

But dear God

Only you can truly hear me now

Only you would understand the complexeties of my heart

It's strange, I am not even religious

Sometimes I doubt if I believe in you at all

But calling upon you in this moment

Is as the comfort of a child

Writing her wishes to Santa with full aknowledgment 

That raindeer cannot fly in the wild

And so I ask anyway


Rid me of the void ever growing in my bosom

Blossoming under the pretext that everything will be okay

That others have it worse than I

That with positive thought, all pain will go away

It is easier said for those who were born lucky 

For those who have already surpassed limitation

So far are they from the rest of us down here

That they have forgotten what gravity feels like

Please, dear God

Grant me a sense of understanding

Open my eyes to the truth of myself

So that I may at last be free of seeking the approval of someone else

I was going to ask for love

For a person to hold my hand no matter the storm

But I would not wish for someone to suffer beside me

As I believe all of us deserve the joys of heaven foresworn

What kind of woman would I be to deny another being their right to peace?

If it is okay with you dear God

I merely ask for a small semblance of ease




May it be



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