All in a free jail

All in a free jail

do what I please

when I please

don't even have to pay a fee


All in a free jail

trapped between four purple walls

only to dream of having a ball

old enough to know right from wrong

but in my mind I'll have to carry on


All in a free jail

most say this is where I belong

have to convince myself to stay strong

searching for that opportunity to be set free

waiting to be rescued by thee


All in a free jail

sitting by the window wishing it can be me out there

I wonder how many really care

who really hears me call

but it doesn't seem to matter since they all want to see me fall


All in a free jail

I'm tired of hearing no all the time

It doesn't hurt to say yes from time to time

I lived most of my life a miserable wreck

even thought about slitting my neck


All in a free jail

I'm my only friend

everyone else just played pretend

played with my emotions, heart, and mind

stood with the crowd for so long blind


All in a free jail

everything will turn out alright

I'll be living the life of my dreams

It'll be all that I make it seem

No fakes

No regrets

just me

All in a free jail

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