All falls down(freeverse)

I feel like fallin out I just hope you got my back, my mind is what you sprinting through it’s like you runnin track.I feel this pounding near and around you my heart attacks, you know I just really hope you notice that. When I see you I feel like I’m on cloud nine, you the type of girl who likes to wine and dine.Friends see you when you walk damn man she fine, hands off the merchandise cause that’s all mine. And see life ain’t easy got me ripping my hair out, so many things but I ain’t one people care about.I need a supporter while I sort these fears out, and so I look at you cause for you I’ll sing out. Oh I ask you now.. when it all falls down.Will you still.. be around.Oh I ask you now if it all falls down,Please hold me close until I come down..

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