To all the Angels

Sorrowful words drip

From the angel's mouth and lip

Embedded in her sanctity, sharpened arrows

Perform their cruel, routine shows

Leaving behind trail of dry wind

Chapped lips, stolen tears, accusation of sin


The broken boy cannot 

Remember life before he forgot

And was dragged into the dark 

Turned into a devils lark

He wants to die, but takes it out

On angels with open mouths


She just wanted to help him see

Another light of pure beauty

He almost had it, he tried to stare

But his eyes were squinted, avoiding the glare

Then, when she let him one step closer

He let his demons abuse her composure


 With disbelief she watched him lower his bow

As she began to pull out his vile arrows

But once yanked out, the gaping wounds sting

Just the thought of him begins her panicking

His aerial blades incited a lifetime of war

She hates him, he hates himself more


As punishment for his black mental state

He self-harms with his sex opiate 

His desire burns him alive

A light that kills as it revives

The flame not only scars his soul

But also that of fallen angels



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