Never have I asked for this,

A dungeon with a twist.

Never did I want this,

A chain lays heavy on my wrist.

Never could I pondered this,

A life on the list.

It was never supposed to happen,




And now I wait with nothing more,

Nothing more than the dust.

And now I lay awake with nothing more,

due to unadlturated lust. 

And now I sit counting with nothing more,

than the osseous matter that was once my friend. 

A monkey,

An elephant,

A toy,

And now he becomes the dust that coats my feet,

My feet that once ambled the hot sands,

Are now ashen and dead.

My hands that once knicked the stands,

Are above me heavy as lead.

I tried my best to save,

what was once the sultan of Agrahaba.

I tried my best to stave,

off the retched snake.

I tried my best to keep,

her safe.






I remember her hair,

Black as the deepest night.

I remember her nose,

As small as a button.

I remember her hands,

As smooth as silk.

I remember her voice,

As sharp and compassionate as a goddess.

And I remember her eyes...

Her eyes, oh, her eyes...

What lovely thing,

The immortality of her in my mind's eye...

As they drag me away,

From the twist of dungeon,

All I see is her,

Her perfect lips mouthing my name;



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