The air around me


The air around me


I sit on my porch day after day

I watch all the cars and people go by

It’s been forty years now

But I still sit.

Through the years

The sky has gone darker

The clouds slowly aging,

I take notice in a changing world,

This is the air around me


The air gets a little thicker

But my body adapts,

Contaminations roll through the breeze,

What once had been fresh air

Is no longer fresh,

And this is the air around me


The sky shines a little less,

The birds chirp the same,

I sit in my chair and wonder,

Is the air fresh as it used to be?

And this is the air around me


The moments go by,

And the days the same,

I sit and watch the sky,

The air gets dirty,

And no one cleans it,

I sit and hope as I cry,

The wonder inside me

Thinks to the heavens

The air around me,

It is not just mine

For I share it with lots of my kind


As I sit,

I think,

And I wonder,

If the world keeps changing,

What is to come

Will our children live or die?

The air is dirty

And no one to clean it,

For this is the air around us


As the times change

So does the air,

It adapts and so do we


The air around us

Comes from the trees,

And with that it’s easy you see,

As the lorax once said,

“I speak for the trees”,

But now they speak for themselves,

We need a person,

Any old person,

To be the lorax for we


The air around is

Is always changing,

And just like it so are we,

We need to stop,

And smell the air,

The air that once was fresh

Take a moment and clean the air,

Maybe we can hit refresh

For this is the air around us



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