Agony not Vanity

Sun, 02/09/2014 - 19:38 -- mhinga

You took from me my smile and pride 

my happiness and freedom had no room inside. 


Restriction or addiction, I ran the thin line

unable to eat, unable to beat,

the little voice willing me not to eat. 


The scale trails as my life runs off the rails 

and people get lost in the physical details. 


A walking skeleton I am. No doubt.

but all I hear is a mother's scream and a father's shout. 


The importance of food is all misconstrude 

for really, it is my words which are too weak to speak,

and to secure the help I seek. 


I'm left with only skin and bone

hoping to change the world by submitting a poem. 


Mafi Grey

This was a great piece, keep writing...

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