Sun, 01/15/2017 - 02:33 -- pparres

Death is the separation of body and soul,

But wherever you go,

the angels will still sing. 


Because God gave angels free will.

And once upon a time

an angel was captured by a demon inside,

and was sent to hell below ground.

So it doesn't matter where you go,

because both heaven and hell below,

will have angels singing at your arrival into their world.

Heaven will bring you paradise,

a world full of everything and everyone you love.

It will bring you peace to the mind, warmth to the heart,

and hope for the soul.

But hell?

Hell will bring you suffering and pain. 

It will give you torture as you crumble begging for forgiveness.

And it's in those moments that you realize,

you shouldn't have sinned,

but follow in God's steps into the light.

You realize you shouldn't have lied to your parents,

or cheat on someone or something.

Or that jumping off a ledge was the biggest mistake you ever did,

even if it was just to forget the insults and black hole in your heart.

When you die begging for forgiveness,

that is the moment when you realize,

that the important thing about death,

is not the destination or place,

but the how you got there,

and what you should have changed.

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