After Rumi and Humanity's Desires

I too,
the same as everyone
is it anyone?)
Persian poet,
Sufi mystic-
and all those existentialist seekers
I too,
have had my longings
oh, so primal
while others
uniquely my own...
and as philosophers have lauded
the sublime - such lofty goals
as a union with God,
bliss and englightenment
I have learned the simplicity
of Maslow's hierarchy of needs
these basics of-
safety, a sense of belonging...
Though yes, when young
I had hitched my hopes on the Beloved
- someone to flesh out my
wants and needs
to quench that thirst
yet today, but a pang remains-
bittersweet memories
and for many the Beloved
is but a misty ideal
- the stuff of poetry,
ancient musings,
desire's disappointments.
And I,
yet not quite bowed-
I've found my contentment
in a semblance of quiet,
the warmth of a pet,
-a corner to write
- the comfort of just a little understanding...


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