Lover, why do your hands cover your eyes?

And why do you lock up your heart?

You let you mind roam free.

Yet, you tie up your soul in chains.

God gave you eyes to see,

but to you, there is just fallacy.

She gave you a heart to love,

so why must there be a key?

He gave you a mind to create,

but you create that which you hate.

She gave you her soul to love and rejoice,

but you leave it in the dark.


I'll move your hands so you can see,

unlock your heart,

and let your soul fly free.

Trust me, my dear love,

for I have the keys.

I can help you, but you have to help me.

God is within us.



I like it. a lot of people suffer from this deceased, they afraid. and fear love.


very beautiful

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