Affected By The Storm

Head sweating reflecting on todays day as lifeless fools populate the streets, Others walk with water above there feet as we try to become cold-less between the sheets, Chickens with there heads severed traveling to gas-less stations, Knowing the shortage is city wide but we still waste lil gas we have to satisfied our thoughts, Looking real similar to what an end would look like, It shows you who would be there to help you survive and put up a fight, We sit here knowing the possible but we just let it float in the Do Something About It Section of our minds and when it hits we panic as if we were blind, The test of a persons true hue is now in affect, Even for the presidents you want to elect, Scary? ... No, its just realization, If the world was crumbling would you sit there take it? "This too shallow pass" is what my baby said, We'll get thru the bad and return to the normal we never were.
#Truth Be Told




This is great.

Shaun Poet

Thanks for reading

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