Advice for Younger me

You're just starting out life and learning how to survive,
you're striving for greatness but there's people telling you to die.
You use to love your apperence, 
that was before you were asked if you even knew what a mirror is.
That was before you were told how ugly you were,
before the rumors and all the hateful slurrs.
You ask yourself, "why am I so repulsive?",
you need to know that you aren't what the problem is,
Somebody should've already told you this.
But they didn't, they just let it slide,
who would want to deal with a broken soul that's starting to die?
Listen, you put on a smile and all happy, I get it.
Yet bottling up all these emotions isn't how you handle this.
You need to face those who hurt you, it's for the best,
if you don't I'm afraid you'll end up broken like the rest.
They aren't worth it,
they caused you to have eating disorders, mental break downs and 
so many more horrors. 
Your life will be great,
I'm trying to make it great for us ok?
You're a beautiful soul that someone will fall in love with one day.

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Our world


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