Adulthood: A Revelation

Growing up wasn't kind to us.

It wasn't kind, and yet,

unlike the playground bully of our youth who was easily reprimanded and taught better,

growing up couldn't be remedied.

It just happened, and all we could do was hold on while it did.

Growing up did something to us.

It did something to us, something bad and sadly irreversible. 

It gave us bricks and mortar so could build thick walls around our

bleeding hearts.

It made us wary, and it took some of our


Growing up  gave us the knowledge that some of our questions couldn't be answered.

It showed us that none of us are as safe or as strong as we would like to be.

It taught us that no matter how hard we scream into the night,

or how many times we are filled to the very brim with emotion,

so full that our chests feel like bursting from the 


of our


nothing will change what is in store for us in this world.

Growing up burned us, first with a flaming excitement and then with a fiery,

grievous awareness.

Growing up dulled our spark.

There's a poison in us, an acidic toxin that we can't shake because it's leaked into our pores and snaked into our very cells, and even when we've rejoined the dust of this world it will leak into the earth and stay there to rot the next generation.

Growing up wasn't kind to us, and this revelation has been difficult indeed.


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