Adulthood: Flying and Dying

You grow up understanding,

Until the day you don’t.

You grow up knowing,

Until the day you won’t.


They tell you that it’s easy.

Just do this one thing, please.

Then they tell you that it’s simple.

Just get down on your knees.


Mom tells you that your dramatic,

Then she says “Just go upstairs.”

Mom tells you it’s just a phase,

Then she says “When you’re sad people give stares”


Dad tells you that you’re not sorry,

And he’ll never believe it’s true.

Dad tells you he’s lost all hope,

And he’s given up on you.


But ice tells you that it’s okay.

There is no need to cry.

Just take one more hit baby,

And you’ll be flying high.


God tells you that he loves you,

And you really hope he does

Because when you grow up with no options

You live for one more buzz.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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