In Admiration


If I had to describe the people I've admired,

I'd do it in terms of fabric and color.

The first was an arctic blue, with a soft texture;

Like curly wool or a warm cashmere sweater.

Definitely organic,

In reflection to their authenticity.

So warm and inviting,

With an ever relaxing sort of mood.

The next was more of a tinsely type of deal

In a sapphire blue. I'd liken it

To beaded or shimmery, but 

Most definitely mass-produced 

And overly used.

This one I'm not sure I can count, 

As my friends prefer that I date him,

But romance isn't really

Something for us two.

Nevertheless, they're hunter green

In the ever-reliable jersey

Due in part to the ease of their company

And their simplicity as well.

This last one,

I feel is definitely something rare.

In a deep red,

Not quite as vibrant as claret,

              but not necessarily dark like oxblood either,

                            Maybe pantone's Aurora red?

To represent their passion in what they do.

An artisan silk,

Lovingly handcrafted with utmost care,

Yet flows with such ease

in the summer breeze.

These are just some, 

Surely, there are more to come.

Yet I'll always wonder

how would they describe me?






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