Admirable Athena

I like to think

That if Athena lived today

She’d be the type of girl I admire

The girl who I want to be study partners with

whose notes I strive to mimic

who always studies hard for 

every test and makes the highest grade

I would admire her commitment and her strength

I’d watch her refusal to back down to confrontation

I’d watch as she shamelessly put bullies in their place

I’d watch as she bravely faces challenges that seem

Too large for her to even marvel at

Her ethic stronger than steel

Her bravery never wavering

Her kindness radiating like sunshine on a

Warm inviting day

While Athena may not walk in human form

Her spirit lives on in the girls around us

And we are all lucky to have our very own

Athena to admire


This poem is about: 
Our world


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