Adieu, Graduates

Time to say hello to a brand new start.

Time to say goodbye, we're finally splitting apart.

Waking up from this dream, it may have been the best,

But really has come to gleam, waking up into success.

These years were fantastic, they truly were.

I can promise you now, my memories will not blur.

I'll remember all the times we laughed at the dumbest things.

I'll remember all the cries and all the beautiful memories.



Tears streaming down slow...

Wishes at 11:11

But will they come true?


Hide behind smiles,

Wounds of a knife in my back.

An immortal scar.


Family of lies,

Forever misunderstood.

So I walk alone.


The midnight's faded

The sun sowly emerges

A new day has dawned.


Drown me in your bath of blood,

Slaughter me until I'm dead.

Beat me 'til I'm frozen numb,

Lay me, throw me on my bed.

Take my brain and throw it well,

Take my heart and pound it.

Stab me, stab me, as I yell,

I swear, it won't hurt a bit.

I've been through much more pain,

I have grown much more anger.

Nothing can drive me insane,

Go, try, find much more danger.

Kill me, you'll have nothing to lose.

Save me, you have nothing to win.


You left these scars to sting,

Left me to die alone.

But now, I'm done fighting,

You will not take my soul.

I left all feelings behind,

Never to have again.

Nothing will take over my mind

From this day to the end.

You shan't enter my life

If it means for more pain.

I no longer want to stride

Back down Memory Lane.

I shall stay deceased,

No more words to say.

You have permanently left me

And my heart, where you don't stay.


Heading toward the light,

Going on without lack.

I will not go with a fight,

Never looking back.

I turned this pain to wisdom,

Threw away my tears.

I am completely done,

Now leaving the thoughts here.

Your words, they ruined my brain.

Your voice, it left me deaf.

You thought it caused me pain,

But I made it all my strength.

I'm done, no looking back,

I burned you out of my heart.

You are now a memory hack,

I'm done, we've fallen apart.


Screaming so loudly,

Breaking my lungs.

Why can't anyone hear me?

Help me...ANYONE!

Stop this pain,

Destroy my tears.

I'm going insane, 

Yet no one hears.

They say they care,

With each phony smile.

I know if I keep screaming, 

I'll be dead in a while.

This pain is so deadly,

These tears are poison.

I'm dying inside...

Please, stop the noises!

And finally, I stop.

So frozen and dead.

There goes the clock...

Goodbye, my friend.

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