Addiction Explained by a Heroin Addict.

Full blown addiction is eating when you are hungry.  
The cruel paradox being that the hunger never fades. 
As the needle blossoms red and the poison flows freely 
I experience a bliss that can’t be compared in the slightest
Imagine euphoria with no reasoning, life finally enjoyable.

The simple answer is that nothing in my life seems worth stopping for.    
Heroin leaves a void that nothing could even start to occupy.
Even in the morning when all that has changed, life is complete shit again.
You once again begin the rat race until you have a bag of dope.
The continual cycle of your day-to-day struggle, just to feel normal.   

You look at yourself in the mirror and realize just how low you have sunk.  
It seems like the hole you’ve dug this time is just too deep, 
The path back intimidatingly distant and the chance of success unrealistic  
Heroin gives you a feeling that everything is manageable, everything can wait 
I might as well carry on with the drugs and stick with what I know works.


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