Actions LOUDER than words


The reason I don't share my feelings because when someone listen the 1st time 

it just a matter of time when no one will listen at all

friends can be there thought it all but doesn't mean it will always stay that way 

So I cover it up and  tell myself to be tuff and suck it up 

but the moment is no matter how hard you are on the outsides shows how much you are not on the inside 

it's really easy to say I'll be there for you when you need me but when the time comes seems no one is there 

And I ask myself what would they do without me 

yeah more like what I will do without them 

plus the words I love you shouldn't be used to cover up like a band aid because all it does 

is cover up like nothing happened but with me sometimes i feel a little lost between lines 

just to lost to fix the missing place 

the main people who say they will never leave you 

some how are the 1st person who ends up leaving you 


you can say it but  not doing anything to back it up

I really just want to be happy its just all the things i keep on cover up seems it always reappear

saying you going to be a friend and being one is two different things  

sometimes one day I would just give up trying 'because the moment I  do that then maybe someone will notice and be more than an action then words that doesn't mean anything 



This poem i wrote when i was younger so this ain't the best of my work because i became more of a stronger writer so just tell me what you feel and I'm going to be hear to listen thsank you for everyone's support 

Mafi Grey

I like this one, sometimes old work can show where you came from and what your doing now. You've came far and your better than you started, that's one thing i do know

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