Often I lose sight 

Of what's wrong and what's right

Often I question you

I am often confused

We fight on and off 

Pained, I am often lost

How can I love you so

When I'm not even sure you know

You mean the world to me

I wish inside my heart, you could see

Its not the words you say

Or the 'amens' you pray

Its not the fights we have

Or the nights that last

I know you love me

By your actions that be

You proved it tonight

I saw it in your eyes

Even though you hurt

You came to make sure

That I got home okay

That I wasn't taken away

Actions speak louder then words

Maybe one day you'll read my verse

And understand what I see

I know, deep in my heart

You do love me

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My family
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Love it! 😍

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