Mind and body aching
No its not growing pains its aging
Streets clean, spotless pavements
It's my dream of a country less vacant
Saying in vision the state of the nation
Confucius confusing disillusioned illusion
Propagandists and antagonistic views of solutions
Soul diluted, gardens fragrant
Soul sleepless that's why I'm restless
Staying patient will result in payments
Labours skilled for ages
Ages skilled for labours
Switch up like we write our own pages
History made us from star dust
Start of by giving thanks to the universe who made us
Children of sons and meteorites
Living in a beautiful earth with civil rights
Movements to a revolution
Complete the complex commands of commandments
Feeling condemned
No condiments or lettuce for bread
Dry like the group that's not fertilized
How shall we grow if you know what's been seen through young eyes

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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