By: Anyssa Q. E.


You are gone.

Like the dust in the breeze.

Like the leaves on the trees,

When red comes to tease.


You have passed,

like the wind on the grass,

and the stars in the sky,

when the sun comes at last.


I saw you shine,

I wish with my might,

You could see how I saw...

that to me you were God,

Humble and contrite. 


It's funny how I feel,

How I've felt, 

How I've seen...


Out of all of the silly humans,

You captured me,

with your whim and your glow,

and your mind and your flow,

and the way you would speak,

to make my soul glow.


In a way you and I,

were one of a whole...

but that's just me speaking......


It's funny how I felt,

For a moment you were real.

It's funny how I felt,

for a moment I could feel.


Now you are gone.

Like the breath from a being,

Like the wind in the trees,

like the warm summer breeze...


Now you have passed.....

Like the form which I'm cast,

or the jade summer green

on fresh springtime grass.


But you were never mine...


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