Accept Reality

I'm done with the lies and ruin
Through with your dishonesty.
Why do you torture me so
When you know
How fragile my conscience can be?

How you imagine reality
Evades all the thoughts but my own.
For I know what's inside
The depths of your mind
Just waiting to surface and show.

Your smiling sweetness fools all
Who have managed to fall into your grip.
But what if they knew,
If you were to be true,
To your actual colors and script?

Would they still choose to follow your orders?
Would they obey without locks and a key?
Yes, it's true
They would do as you do
For they are too far gone to see.

Under your spell you have them
Awaiting your every demand
They think you're a goddess
Though deep in your boddess
Is hidden the explicit plan.

The plan to destroy and demolish
The loved ones of those worshipping you
Has already become
More handling than one
Is capable of knowing what to do.

So clean up your bloodstains and blueprints.
Give up the sword for you've won.
The war never happened.
The flags never dampened
The love one's happiness of one.

You jealous and envious creature!
You petty and serious thing!
Can't you accept
The tears you have wept
Are the tears of those you're killing?


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