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“Abyss” By: Johanna Augustin  If you were to access my mind,You would be lost in a daze.You’d be caughtIn a misty morning, As fog and mist slap your face. It’s color changing abilities subdue me. Like how the petals of a flower grow around its bud.They travel like a train, Moving fast, stopping at its scheduled destination. My mind is an abyss,Red and brown like bricks. The taste of bitter copper Sticks on your tongueAs the bricks fall on youAnd hurt you. Dive into this gaping holeAnd you will find Jay, a puppet. Letting it control her with full compliance,No complaints, and no backfire. She has no choice, there is nothing else for her.No one there to nurture her.Jay will never see the sun shining because she is shunned.  The abyss is blue.Jay feels the cool protective blanket of water And she floats;Over all the insecurity, memories, pain and doubtA wildfire of love grows in her heart.Just as she starts to smile,The calming waves turn to a whirlpool. She forgets how to swim. She screams like a siren,But no one is there. Jay is alone.Jay is scared.  The abyss now an earthy green, Smells musty and herbal.It fills her soul And she sees him. Her dream come true.Her smile, joy and peace,All in one man.Her heart beats softly like Falling rain hitting stone. Jay wants to run to him but she's stuck to the ground.She looks to the clear sky and watches it turn purple.Her love starts to fade and fall six feet under. Soon she is falling again,Back to its red and brown tresses.Back hitting the ground, Sharp as a sword fight.Tears fall from her eyes,But she does not whimper,For she knows that this will always be her reality.  After what seems like ages,Jay wakes from her comatose stateAnd the abyss is no more.The smiling light that is her source lifts her up.Hands raise up like growing grassAs she gives great praise. That copper taste becomes a sweet spearmint. She sees all colors,all the colors that she was made to love.She is one with the Earth And I am one with Jay.  

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