abuse is abuse

if he loved you, he wouldn't do that.

my mother whispered to me. she looked at me with such concern. her tone of voice whispered everything else she wanted to say but didn't.

i followed her eyes down to my wrist. the bruise was still visible from when you had grabbed me the other day. i quickly turned my arm away so she couldn't see it anymore. i looked up at her disappointed eyes.

but.. but he apologized.

i choked on my words. i swallowed the lump in my throat as i began to tear up.

i know he loves me, mom. he tells me everyday.

i said, in between breaths. i expected her to be filled with rage, but she wasn't. she was hurt. she knew she couldn't do anything about this. my vision blurred as she walked away from me.


abuse is abuse

do not be fooled

by meaningless apologies 

because sometimes

they will say anything

to make you stay

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