The Absurd Concept Of Eyerape

It does not matter how anyone explains or defines eyerape,

Every definition of eyerape is absolute nonsense.

Many people believe that a person can eyerape someone,

But in reality, eyerape is not a real thing.

It is just an unfounded feeling that some people have.

The concept of eyerape is complete garbage.

To begin with, if you do not look at someone,

You would not know that the person is looking at you.

And if you do not frequently look at someone,

You would not know whether the person is constantly looking at you or not.


Let us say that someone is looking in your direction.

You look at the person and your eyes naturally meet the person’s eyes.

So you assume that the person is staring at you because he or she is attracted to you.

What makes you think you are worth a lustful stare?

The person could be looking at something near you.

Or the person could be looking at an object that you have.

You look at the person again to see if he or she is still looking at you.

And your eyes naturally meet the person’s eyes again.

You do that repeatedly and the same thing happens every time.

And in your twisted mind, you feel that the person is eyeraping you.


People stare at one another for other reasons apart from sexual interest.

For example, they stare at ugly persons, dwarfs, obese persons, and the disabled.

So who can justify associating every look or stare with lust?

You cannot read a person’s mind to know his or her reason for looking at you.

Men naturally stare at women and women naturally stare at men.

Furthermore, women stare at women and men stare at men.

Those who conceptualise eyerape present illogical arguments.

They do not regard it as eyerape when they like the person who stares at them.

And if a good-looking person stares at them, they do not regard it as eyerape either.

How can you determine eyerape by a person’s appearance?


Eyerape exists only in the minds of people with a mental disorder.

Some people suffer from a condition known as scopophobia,

But not all persons are stupid enough to accuse others of eyeraping them.

Scantily clad women intentionally draw attention to themselves.

How do you differentiate an observation from a stare?

Who decides the length of time that you can look at someone?

If you feel excessively uncomfortable when people look at you,

Perhaps you do not belong among other human beings.

You should go and live in a forest or a jungle with the wild animals.

What kind of world would this be if people could not look at one another?

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