Absent Fatherss


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Fathers day was a few weeks ago but the reality is many famlies are missing fathers. So I wrote a poem about it.

Okay let me take roll and then we will begin.
Let’s start with family number one. Mother, here, sister, here okay brother, here, father? Father? Last time father? Okay he’s not here.
Next family number two. Mother older sister younger  sister dad? Dad? Dad are you here?
Family number three. I see two twin brothers and a mother dare I ask about your pops.
All of the father figures are absent
Little sister where’s your dad? He’s in jail.
Twin brother number one where is your dad?
I do not know he left when I was one to go out and have fun and never came back.
Older sister what about you oh my dad did the same thing except when I was two.
The younger sister from the Second family said I never met my father.
Fathers day is coming up but does it even matter when 83% of families have an absent fathers.
Before I could finish typing black family statistics google knew it was true that 54% of black families have missing fathers.

How is a girl supposed to be daddy’s little girl without a dad.
Are sons supposed to learn how to be men from the street, or the state pen?
No fathers come back we need you! Do not be absent we need you.
Who’s supposed to teach children how to ride a bike or drive a car who is supposed to tell them to reach for the stars?
Lately mom has been breaking her back to play both roles but she is barely around because she is working two jobs to keep food on the table. Dad maybe if you were around there could be two breadwinners and we could have freshly baked bread instead of crackers.
There is more to the definition of father than what webster states, and I quote, man in relation to his child.

Father your presence is welcome.
Fathers come back we need you, protect your daughters before they call someone else daddy. Tell them how a real man should respect her. Tell her she doesn’t need a man to make her feel complete.
Fathers tell you son he can make it without living life selling drugs on the street.
If you are not ready to be a father then keep your pants on your waist. Otherwise you are just wasting people’s time.
Daddy you say you do not know what to do because you have been gone so long.
Do  not be afraid, I am not throwing shade, I just know you can do better. There are people who can help you be the best father you can. You have to take the first step.
Fathers day is coming up, but does it even matter?
Oh look our time has come to an end.
Next week when I call roll fathers you better be here.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country


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