Abandoned Sisters


United States
42° 8' 26.2032" N, 83° 9' 15.048" W

I promised to protect you-
to never let you down.
But we've been separated for so long-
I can still see your frown.
Gone I am,
and like this I shall stay.
But I just need to let you know
that everything will be okay.
I'm having some struggles-
my very own frowns.
But I just can't help it;
Momma let us all down.
Please know that I miss you
and that you're always on my mind.
Still, I must handle this alone
so Little One be kind.
It's scary to face the world
but you can do it- I am sure.
Facing your heart will be harder,
especially when I can't offer you a cure.
I promise you'll be safe,
and you will once again be mine.
I promise I'll come back--
It just might take a little time.



This poem is to my little sisters who I haven't seen in years. It was really hard to leave them- especially when I raised them more than our mom- but I was having a lot of issues I needed to get through. I know I'll see them again someday, though, and they'll be safe in my arms again.

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