Abandoned park

Sat, 08/20/2016 - 20:11 -- Hussein

Alone I was when I sat underneath the trees Somewhere far in an abandoned park  

A slight wind came as a cold breeze 


Whispering echoes amid the dark  Feeling the breeze, begging it please Stop the whispers in such a night Alone I am , where my heart would freeze And no power left to stand and fight   My eyes gazed high, into the black sky Trying to find a star as I couldn't cope Nothing was shining no matter how I try Not even one ray as a leading hope   "Nemo", is what I heard and that's my name As a loud hiss from a snake through the wind  The sound was heard but none ever came Am I surrounded by a demon or a fiend ?  Haunted by the endless thoughts of those I lost  A misled path , through the broken road   In an atmosphere of awe , lines of fear were crossed  Nothing as the story has ever been told   Was it there where I'd lose it all  Was it there where I lost my spark  Through the night I was there to crawl  Oh all this happened, in the abandoned park .   

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