90's Kids, Lets Make a Difference

Sun, 01/19/2014 - 16:09 -- jhon27


Success is engraved in my brain

More knowledge –I don’t complain 

Stupidity is the cousin of ignorance

Why y'all still messing with racism

Lets change the world a bit

Our generations was left with shit

Technologically speaking

We sprinting

But everything else is slippin

Kids with no manners

That blame goes to the fathers

Raise your son into men

Quit skippin out on them

The problem with the economy

Is that one percent has all the money

Distribute that shit

Poor kids not eatin and shit

Mad props to your success man

But help out with this recession damn

So many problems in America

The bittersweet result of the industrial era

and a couple world war

In Iraq now

What we fighting for

Oil and "freedom"

Fuck this Corrupted kingdom

Let's change the game

Us 90s kids gotta find a lane

Lets reverse the corruption

Educate the ignorant

Stop this countries destruction

Chosen ones will make a difference

For all of you who pay attention

What I’m preach is a simple lesson

Success comes from within

If theyre doubting you- Fuck'em then

Do something great for yourself,

If not you, at least your children

Leave them with a world you’d be proud to live in

You can do whatever you desire

When I make it some day

You'll see I wasn't a liar


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