8:34 PM

Close your bedroom door and turn the light off
The sun is still peeking over the horizon
He wants to remember the faces of his admirers before he sleeps
Gently pull the bed sheet from its former embrace
Apologize to the bed and promise that its turn will come
Let the bed sheet slip through your arms like silk
The fine and simple luxury will make your arm hairs stand
Your neck is wet with sweat and face with oil
Breathe in that sweet, sticky, summer air
Collect it under your arms and behind your knees
Wear the sheet like a cloak around your shoulders
Throw it over your head like a triggered parachute
Lie down, throw it into the air, and welcome its soft landing
It is the translucent curtain that obscures your beachside view
It is the ocean breeze to make your heart race
Each time the cool fabric grazes your skin, you feel beautiful
Your hair is not greased with perspiration
Your camisole is not glued to the small of your back
Your deodorant or body spray is not long overdue
Like a lover’s fingers, the sheet caresses
Like a lover’s sweet-nothings, the sheet whispers
Admire the sun through the slits in your window’s blinds
Let him see your beautiful face one more time


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